Advantages of Hiring an Inheritance Lawyer

Do you need an inheritance lawyer? Many people are approached by heir finders or heir hunters claiming to collect their inheritance in exchange for an assignment. When you hire an inheritance lawyer, you are given full loyalty by an attorney who is a fiduciary to you. When an heir finder or heir hunter enters the case, they control the attorney they hire.

The advantages of hiring your own inheritance attorney are that you are in control of your case, and how you handle the different issues that come about. Heir hunter attorneys group all heirs in one category. That means that if there is a conflict between the rights of one heir as opposed to another heir, your case may be at a disadvantage.

Inheritance attorneys handle:

Inheritance rights subject to disputes

Estate rights and beneficiary disputes

Life Insurance benefits

IRA account disputes


Unusual inheritance situations

There are categories of heirs that have priority over others. You can imagine that if the heir hunter company handles many heirs in the same case, that your particular individual rights may not be at the forefront of their case.

So, if you are approached by an heir hunter or heir finder, hire your own counsel. Call Mina Sirkin at 818.340.4479 regarding inheritance law in California. Our inheritance lawyer represents heirs and beneficiaries in Los Angeles California.  Studios jurídicos de Herencias en Los Ángeles.