We Protect Inheritance Rights of Heirs & Beneficiaries of Probate Estates & Trusts

The Trusts & Estates Attorneys at Sirkin Law Group, P.C. have one mission: Each Inheritance Lawyer is to protect heirs and their probate inheritance in estate, trust and probate in Los Angeles, Ca.   Each attorney in our inheritance law firm has over 25 years of experience in trust and inheritance litigation, and strives to recover and protect our clients who are heirs & beneficiaries of Los Angeles estates and trusts.

The lawyers at Sirkin Law Group, P.C. are experts trained as asset recovery attorneys for beneficiaries and heirs in Los Angeles.   Our attorneys represent the interests of heirs in estate in litigation in Los Angeles, CA. California Estate issues are often complicated.  Many times, the estate heirs need attorneys to protect their inheritance from trustees and executors.

Whether or not you are named in a will, or think you may be entitled to an inheritance, a free consultation with an attorney at law is advisable.  We can assist you by answering your heirship questions.

Non-performance and slow performance by Executors:   When an executor or trustee is also a beneficiary, there can be a conflict of interest which prevents the executor or trustee to complying with his /her duty of loyalty.   Sometimes, an executor would like to buy out the shares of other beneficiaries.  Other times, the personal interests of the executor or trustee get in the way of proper administration of the estate or trust.

Contact our attorney to discuss how your executor or trustee is performing.  We can give you guidance on how to protect your interests as heirs and beneficiaries.


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If you are a beneficiary, heir at law, domestic partner, LGBT partner, spouse, or life partner with questions about your right to inherit in California, we can answer your question.  Email us: What are my inheritance rights in California?

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