Is Your Inheritance Disputed? Los Angeles California Estate Attorneys

What are the changes that your inheritance will be disputed?

Disputed inheritances in Los Angeles can take many different forms.   First, someone may claim that you unduly influenced your parent to receive more than your fair share.  At times, someone may argue that your parent’s judgment was compromised due to lack of capacity.   These disputes may even contain allegations of fraud or mistake.  None of those inheritance disputes have much impact unless they end up in the probate court.

What to do about a disputed inheritance?

To protect yourself from baseless allegations, if your parent has told you that he/ she wants to disinherit your siblings, you may want to ask them why.  You should not take your parent to a lawyer, nor should you be present during a meeting between your parent and the lawyer, to give them privacy.

Kids sometimes ask us if they should drive the parent to the lawyer’s office.  It is best, if your parent takes a taxi, and it is best if you are not driving them to a law office to their estate planning attorney.  Your taking them there just does not look good.

Finding a lawyer to defend your inheritance is about finding out how has over 20 years of experience in the field.  Young lawyers simply have not seen enough variety of cases to be able to adequately manage your case.   You should not be lured by low fees, as they are indicators of lack of experience.

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