Inheritance Disputes in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, Inheritance disputes generally arise after a person dies, and the range of inheritance law disputes can be very broad.  In disputes case involving inheritances, the disputes usually have arisen long before the actual inheritance battles begin, and often during the life of the parent or the deceased person.   Often, they rift is deeply rooted in old feelings among the parties. Some of the disputes involving inheritances can include:

  1. Whether a disputed property should be sold;
  2. Who should inherit the assets?
  3. Whether someone should be entitled to live in the property;
  4. When does the property get sold, and at what price.
  5. Who gets the personal property of the decedent?
  6. Rights of second spouses to the estate.
  7. Determination of application of prenuptial agreements to estate assets.
  8. Determination of rights of third parties to assets of decedent.
  9. Determination of rights of the decedent to assets in hands of others.

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