Your Beneficiary Dispute Resolution Method Depends On Your Personality

Is your personality and your method getting in the way of resolving a beneficiary dispute?

In general, how you resolve a beneficiary dispute, or your beneficiary dispute resolution method, mimics your general conflict resolution style in all areas of life. People have a style of conflict resolution, and they generally stay with that method throughout their lives, because it works for them.

Sometimes in order to solve a disputed will or trust case, you have to step back for a minute and ask yourself: What is my dispute resolution method? Is that translating to this case?

For example, if you are a beneficiary of a trust and are involved in a trust contest, you must ask yourself whether you have been an aggressor in the relationship, or the victim.   Victim personalities tend to have a passive-aggressive style in many situations.

What is your conflict resolution style in beneficiary cases?

  1.   He was done me wrong.
  2.   I am going to get even with him.
  3.   I am going to get my fair share.
  4.   I am going to get him, even if I have to pay more to the lawyer.
  5.   I am willing to pay a lawyer, so my sibling does not get anything.

Think about these.   They don’t always translate into every beneficiary dispute, but they are themes in beneficiary litigation cases.

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