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Beneficiary Rights Attorney:  Mina Sirkin is a Los Angeles Certified Specialist lawyer who handles beneficiary rights in trust and probate litigation matters in California:

Trust beneficiaries in Los Angeles often do not know the extent of their rights under California law.

Protecting a beneficiary’s rights, claims and objections in trusts and probate litigation matters involves taking immediate action.   Waiting too long to respond or object to petitions can often detrimentally affect the rights of beneficiaries.

If you are a trust or estate beneficiary, you should know about the following rights:

1.   Right to receive advice from an independent attorney.   Do not rely on advice given by the trustee or executor’s attorney who does not represent you.

2.  Remember that if you don’t question an action by a trustee or executor, you will waive your rights as to that action.

3.  Review the trust or will with an experienced beneficiary attorney in trust and probate cases for immediate impact on your interest.

4.  File any necessary objections timely and watch for no contest clauses.

5.  Ask for an accounting in writing and keep a certified copy of your letter requesting the same.

6.  If you don’t get a response to a request for an accounting, call your lawyer immediately.

Discover beneficiary rights in a trust under California law.  Call Sirkin Law attorneys.

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